Harvesting of leafy vegetables: the best Ortomec solutions!

How to ensure a precise and clean harvest of leafy lettuce? Ortomec provides your company with fast and performing leafy lettuce harvesters, which do not upset the way your operators work, but greatly accelerate harvesting times, minimizing the use of manpower.

For over twenty years, the team Ortomec designs and manufactures machines for harvesting leafy lettuces for producers wishing to use machinery – seeders and harvesters for these products – technologically evolved and performing.

Are you ready to find out how the best Ortomec solutions can optimize the harvesting phase of leafy lettuces? You just have to keep reading the article!

Maximum precision guaranteed by Ortomec: harvesting leafy vegetables has never been easier

Precise, productive but also delicate: this is how Ortomec harvesters can be appreciated right from the first use! Being an extremely fragile product, it requires a machine dedicated to its collection that takes into account all its most peculiar characteristics.

For this reason, it is essential that the leaf lettuces are harvested through a clean cut of the product itself. The vegetable must therefore be cut at the optimal point of the plant. At this specific time it is essential to lend maximum attention: in fact, cutting the vegetable inside or under the crown risks preventing its correct regrowth.

It is therefore not advisable to proceed by operating manually. Today there are machines that can help your company, so that the harvest allows the product itself to continue to regrow perfectly even after the first cut. With this in mind, automating the harvesting process turns out to be the best choice for your crop.

What are the Ortomec solutions for harvesting leafy lettuces? A wide range of super innovative machinery!

For several years, Ortomec has been working with its experience to offer all companies that require it a truly revolutionary solution for harvesting leafy lettuces. We are talking about the 1500 harvester: the machine dedicated to harvesting leafy lettuces grown soilless on polystyrene trays or other containers.

How does the collection work thanks to the 1500? The machine’s conveyor moves the polystyrene container until it reaches the head from cut: a blade precise, fast, as well as adjustable in height, which cuts the lettuce without causing injuries, transfers the cut product to an unloading belt which loads the leaves onto crates.

Equipped with all the technical options the more traditional collection solutions are equipped with, a panel is also integrated into the 1500 from control for a 360┬░ management of the machine. Made entirely of stainless steel, it can be easily moved inside the warehouse according to your specific needs.

Not intended for the harvest of leafy lettuces only, the Ortomec 1500 harvester is also ideal if your company needs to harvest other crops, such as plants herbs, the topping of plants in the nursery and other particular processes.

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If we are talking about the 1500 harvester, the system float-system is undoubtedly the most relevant technical innovation, but certainly not the only one! The solutions Ortomec for the sowing and harvesting of leafy lettuces are in fact the result of years from experience, maximum knowledge of the horticultural sector and availability in listening to the needs of its numerous customers from over 40 countries around the world.

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