Leaf vegetable cutting machine: discover the most innovative!

In the world of leafy vegetables, there is a great possibility that growers have been exploiting for years: the regrowth of the plant and consequent further mowing and harvests, capable of significantly reducing production costs.

How to do this in an optimal way? There are specialized machines specifically designed to guarantee long-lasting results, respecting the products intended for the IV range.

In this article, let’s learn more about the operation and benefits of the leaf vegetable cutting machine, through the innovation of Ortomec suction and trimming machines.

What are the advantages of cutting machines?

It is possible to restart the growth of the same rocket plant after harvesting: this operation can be extended to all types of leaf crops, such as salad or spinach.

Trimming allows agriculture to make more crops using a single sowing, a single preparation of the soil, thus saving money and time. Furthermore, thanks to the precision of this technique and the Ortomec machines, the leaves that reform themselves in a short time are ready for a subsequent harvest, guaranteeing excellent product quality and superior long-life.

Let’s go into the details of the operation of the machinery that carry out this type of operation, through the experience of Ortomec.

How the Ortomec aspirator and trimming machine works

Ortomec vacuum cleaners use a technique that involves the controlled cutting of the vegetable at the ideal desired height, by pre-setting the special latest generation electronic sensors and the combined suction of residues. This operation allows a fast regrowth of the product, for successive cuts and collections of excellent quality.

Ortomec today offers this type of vacuum cleaner in two models: Cleaner, tractor mounted machine and Cleaner 2, self-propelled machine on wheels.

The aspirator machine brought to the tractor

Using Cleaner suction and trimming machine brought to the tractor means having practicality in traveling on the road and within the company, unloading speed in case you are far from the working field, little maintenance and reduced maintenance costs. The machine was created in 2000 and pioneered the industry sector. Invented and conceived by Ortomec, today, it continues to be requested by IV range producers not only in Italy but in all parts of the world.

Cleaner requires a tractor with a power of only 70/80 HP, and is capable of unloading at a height of up to 180 cm. It is practical, quick to clean and is ideal for working both in open fields and under greenhouses: the cutting system is controlled by proportional sensors that read the ground plane. In addition, this model has a tractor independent hydraulics, a stainless steel cutting / suction arc and a collection box. The Ortomec system allows the product to pass through the suction turbine.


The sucked product is shredded during the passage, thus increasing the autonomy of loading inside the box and avoiding product losses in the air due to the humidity created with the maceration of the product itself. Thanks to this system, the machine does not need filters which, as shown by the various market experiences, become clogged, forcing the operator to make continuous stops for cleaning them and to maintain slow forward speeds due to the low suction power.

The self-propelled vacuum cleaner on wheels

The Ortomec model of the Cleaner 2 self-propelled vacuum cleaning model is a machine specially designed for companies that work throughout the year in the greenhouse and / or in the open field: it is no coincidence that this model is highly appreciated by the most important professionals in the sector. .

The technical characteristics are the same as those already presented for the Cleaner brought to the tractor, but applied to an electronic control at the service of the operator located in the air-conditioned soundproofed driver’s cab. Thanks to the electronics mounted on this machine, it is possible to contain fuel consumption and, consequently, also the costs of trimming, which, otherwise, would have a significant importance in the final calculation.

The 75 HP engine and high-tech and quality hydraulics allow the machine to have a very high-performance suction that allows you to work at interesting speeds and reduce trimming times.


Thanks to the trimming technique and the machines invented by Ortomec, it is possible to optimize working times and maintain a high product quality. The advantage for manufacturers is a significant saving in terms of production times and an optimization of internal costs.

The first Ortomec machines, which have now reached about 10,000 hours of work, have fully satisfied customers with their performance, high reliability, low maintenance, reduced fuel consumption and ease of use. All these elements together certainly justify the investment made. Would you like to receive more information? Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to answer you.

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