Lettuce, Leaf, Herbex Harvesters: the right harvesting machine for every vegetable

Agriculture is experiencing a period of innovations and new technologies that involves the entire production chain: from production to traceability, up to product quality control. The future of agriculture is moving more and more towards digital, which is why Ortomec knows how important it is to follow technological progress to offer its customers high-quality machinery that can respond to any innovative need, optimizing the sowing and harvesting processes. of the different types of salad.

From twenty years of experience in the sector, today Ortomec has created the 4.0 harvesters which in addition to having the now well-known latest generation proportional sensors, the historical cutting system with band blade and the accessories for cleaning the collected product, to carry out a collection precise, delicate, safe and productive, they offer the user the opportunity to interact with their machine by exchanging data, creating production statistics, optimizing costs and increasing the productivity of the company

OrtomecÔÇÖs harvesters

The Leaf version harvesters are ideal and suitable for harvesting rocket, baby spinach, salad, chard and even oriental varieties such as Mizuna and Tatsoi, and are equipped with a stainless steel cutting unit with a band blade. Thanks to specific latest generation electronic sensors, such as the Magic Dimension infrared sensor, the cutting height can be adjusted to obtain a homogeneous product that meets the standards required by the large-scale retail trade.

To obtain a perfect harvest of leafy vegetables directly in the field, simply add the Ortomec NP option to the harvester. This double belt product cleaning system is capable of selecting whole leaves and guaranteeing a high quality product, eliminating the presence of foreign bodies. Thanks to this system you will have a very high quality harvest.

The Herbex version harvesters are equipped with an oscillating blade cutting system and state-of-the-art proportional sensors to ensure maximum cutting precision. Ortomec has studied a line dedicated to the most delicate of crops: valerian. This type of horticultural needs to be cut below the collar, so the blade must work a few millimeters below the ground level.

As for the other Ortomec harvesters models, various accessories and equipment have completed the Ortomec harvesters in order to guarantee an ever better quality of the harvested product and to increase the productivity of this operation. The cleaning system with roller table, the automatic handling for loading into bins, the side conveyor towards a side-by-side trailer are just some examples of the advanced technologies used by Ortomec for its customers.

The Lettuce version harvesters have been specifically designed to proceed with the harvest in an efficient and delicate way. To respect the natural characteristics of lettuce, Ortomec has designed a harvesting system which, thanks to a front oscillating blade, modern electronic sensors and a special patented belt, is able to collect the product without damaging it. No less important purpose for the Ortomec lettuce version is to give the operators the possibility to work in better and less severe conditions. The upright position, sheltered from bad weather such as wind, rain, calculations in hand, have increased harvest productivity by 40%.


Sustainability, Innovation and Technology are the three keywords that will accompany the two editions of EIMA 2021. Ortomec has decided to double its presence by participating in both exhibitions, presenting some innovative products from the range. Already from 11 to 15 November it will be possible, by registering for free on the Eima Digital Preview platform, to discover all the news from Ortomec: from the three harvesters presented in this article, to the innovative Guide Column with Multi-function Joystick that will be mounted in all harvesters.

If would like to find out more about lettuce, leaf and herbex harvesters, do not hesitate to contact us, the Ortomec team will be at your disposal to answer all your questions and to show you all the 4.0 news.

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