The new and revolutionary infrared sensor

Here is the new generation of sensor MAGIC DIMENSION, ready to revolutionize the harvesting of baby leaf.

MAGIC DIMENSION is a infrared sensor able to detect the height of the leaves, allowing the producers to define define the lenght of the harvest.

The MAGIC DIMENSION sensor will allow for an homogeneous product in terms of length, a standard required by the large-scale distribution.

The operator can establish the length of the product to be harvested with a simple push-button panel and the sensor will take care of everything else.

The sensor detects the distance between it and the leaves in different sites of the harvesting bed then the software, developed by our electrical department, processes the acquired measurements.

In datas processing, the software is able to recognize and omit the measurements detected on weeds or depressions thanks to the sophisticated algorithm developed.

In this way the sensor places and keeps the cutting blade at a height such as to harvest the product at the predetermined length.