Shaker table

Shaker table with unit mesh belt in plastics to be fitted to the ORTOMEC harvester wheelbase. Interchangeable drilling for any leafy or root vegetable. During harvesting any leafy products, it allows screening the product to remove ground residues, leaf parts, insects, foreign bodies, dicotyledons, etc.

Main Features

  • The collected product falls on the belt and through the fitted shakers inside shakes the product which is then cleaned from leaves without being damaged.
  • The unit is entirely in stainless steel and it can be fitted and removed from the unit wheelbase and then rapidly refitted.
  • The belt and shaker speed ca n be adjusted by the user and the wasted product is removed through the hydraulically driven feed screw.
  • N┬░ of shaker shafts: 1, 2 and 4.
  • Useful cleaner platform lengths: 150 and 170 cm.

Watch the video

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