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A long story

It all began in

About twenty years ago, in fact, the four founders gave birth to Ortomec Srl.

They already have a long experience and great knowledge of two different but, in a certain sense, complementary sectors: the engineering sector and the horticultural sector. The diversified skills possessed by the young talents soon turned out to be a perfect combination for the development of the company, which in a short time grew to become a world leader in the field of salad harvesting machines for head, leaf and seeding machines.

Ortomec Srl has entered a market still poor in terms of mechanization thanks to perfectly designed machines with innovative and technologically advanced functional features.

Today, Ortomec Srl is a company appreciated all over the world and present on the international market as manufacturer and distributor. Ortomec machines know how to adapt to the numerous and different needs of a heterogeneous customer base, coming from various parts of the planet. Supported by a highly specialized technical and electrical department, the company currently develops and designs through the most modern computer systems.

An important role is played by Ortomec’s large mechanical workshop, divided into different departments for the construction and assembly of machinery.

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Our departments

The pride of the company, the electrical department: it is formed by a highly qualified staff, dedicated to the design, development and implementation of electrical systems and software.


This department is by the customer’s side at all times. It is formed by a team technically prepared to solve any problem that may arise.


Operational department for excellence, it is here that the projects take shape, and then give life to innovative and highly functional harvesters and seeders.

Important Achievements
Important Achievements

A triple record

Ortomec can proudly claim a triple record: we are the largest machines in the world for leaf vegetable harvesting and valerian harvesting.
The SVC 365 is a self-propelled tracked machine built in 2006 with a 365 cm cutting unit designed for towing trailers. The driver’s seat and controls of the machine have been positioned above the collection unit, allowing a perfect view of the cutting point, electronic sensors control the cutting height adjustment. The collection speed of this machine weighing about 60 quintals is 4 km/h.
Thanks to this speed, the working width and the semi-automatic box filling system, an hourly collection of 5 tons is reached.

The 9200-230 New Herbex, built in 2020, is a self-propelled tracked machine with a 230 cm cutting unit that allows a collection on crates (semi-automatic filling) with an hourly quantity around 70 quintals. It is equipped with a 500×500 cm rear working platform and wind protection sheets on the entire perimeter. The machine is equipped with a roof with hydraulic closing, which can be raised or lowered hydraulically to allow road transport, driver’s cabin with heating and air conditioning positioned above the collection unit allowing a perfect view of the cutting point and cameras on the perimeter to control the machine at 360┬░. Moreover, the machine is electronically controlled and has an automatic cassette filling system with carousel (cassette turn) with sensors for the automatic management of the cassette feed. Of course, given the latest technology used, it is possible to manage and maintain the machine remotely.

The third Ortomec record comes from the world of Valerian harvesting.
The Herbex 8500-170 harvester of 2015 reached harvesting speeds of 100 meters in 58 seconds, allowing the owner to collect in bins the quantity of 70 quintals/h. This harvester is self-propelled, on wheels, with cutting management by electronic sensors. The 170 cm frame allows the loading and filling of n.4 bins at the same time.


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