Leaf vegetables


What do you want to harvest?

Leafy vegetables are not all the same: a specific solution is required for each type. In fact, each leaf differs in shape, strength, etc.. Each characteristic implies a diversification in the harvesting method, so that the vegetable is not damaged at this stage but, on the contrary, its quality is better preserved. It is for this reason that Ortomec has designed and manufactured a wide range of machines designed to adapt to different situations, thus allowing a precise, delicate and safe harvesting. Thanks to the latest generation electronic proportional sensors, to the historical cutting system with band saw blade, to the different accessories for the cleaning of the harvested product and to the control of its quality, Ortomec offers its customers a range of harvesters able to meet the required production needs. The advanced technology used by Ortomec also allows to optimize harvesting times while reducing production costs. Ortomec solutions can be profitably used to harvest rocket, spinach and spinach, salad, chard, and even oriental varieties such as mizuna and tatsoi. Select the product you are interested in harvesting and find out which of the machines in the Ortomec range is best suited to your needs.