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Among the aromatic plants, some have in common a strong similarity, not only in their shape, but also in their cultivation system. This is the case, in fact, of coriander, chervil and parsley, three different yet very similar plants, so much so that they can even be confused by less expert eyes. For these types of plants an orderly harvest is often required in order to prepare and present the product in the most correct way to the public. Ortomec invented and developed the Green-Line 2 system; this system allows the operator to receive the product horizontally ordered in rows, thus having the possibility to place it ordered in the collection box. The Green-Line 2 system is composed of a cutting unit with ribbon blade, front tilting tips, self-guiding system and latest generation electronic proportional sensors. Ortomec has a line of harvesting machines specifically designed for the collection of these specific plants, able to operate a precise harvesting that does not damage the seedling in any way. Select the product you are interested in harvesting and find out which of the machines in the Ortomec range is best suited to your needs.
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