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Harvesters for Parsley

Parsley is a well-known aromatic plant, present in most Italian kitchens and beyond. It is mainly used to season meat and vegetables. It is a biennial plant, which can be sown without too many problems throughout the year and is harvested two to three months after sowing when it exceeds 20 cm in height.

This aromatic plant is very delicate, and, especially during harvesting, the risk of ruining it is always high. This is why Ortomec proposes a harvester made specifically for parsley harvesting, a machine equipped with a clean and precise cutting system, among the best on the market. The cutting height can be adjusted employing special manual stabilizers, while the special kit of front tips for tipping ensures maximum protection for the seedling during transport. Choose Ortomec if you are looking for safety, precision, and, above all, constant research and innovation.

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  • Tracked harvester 7000 series
  • Tracked harvester 7200 series
  • Tracked harvester 7400 electro series
  • Wheeled 4x4 self-propelled harvester 8000 series
  • Wheeled 4x4 self-propelled harvester 8300 series
  • Self-propelled electric harvester on wheels 8400 electro series
  • Tracked harvester 9000 series

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