Shaker table

Suitable to clean the product

The shaker is to be moved to the company warehouse. It is fed through a 380 V power supply socket.

Main Features

  • Entirely made in stainless steel as to avoid corrosion, it is fitted with two pivoting wheels for a rapid movement.
  • The shaking table with drilled trays allows to effectively clean the product from small leaf parts, ground residues, insects, foreign bodies and dicotyledons.
  • The waste is conveyed on containers, while the clean product is removed at 150 cm from the ground.
  • High hourly operating yield with no damage to the leaves.
  • It can be used to mix and clean different types of products at the same time to get pleasant vegetable mixes.
  • The shaker is a must for leafy product growers and producers.
  • Shaking tray drilling diameters: 16, 18, 20, 22 mm.
  • Conveyor belt useful width: 170 cm.

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