Harvester 1500


Harvester suitable for cutting and harvesting leafy vegetables, grown in containers such as polystyrene or plastic sowing trays. These containers are placed by hand on the first conveyor belt of the machine. The belt takes them to the height-adjustable blade that cuts the leaves. After cutting, the product continues on another conveyor belt in polyurethane, reaching a third conveyor belt that unloads the leaves into the collection boxes.

Main features:

  • Cutting and harvesting width: 100 cm (standard) or on request;
  • Product conveyor belts in polyurethane, food-grade certified;
  • Conveyor belts and cutting blade operated by electric motors, power supply 380-volt, electrical panel mounted on the machine;
  • Speed of all the conveyor belts and cutting blade adjustable from electrical panel;
  • Machine movable on 4;
  • Frame in stainless steel.


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