Harvester 3000

Self-propelled on wheels

  • Harvester for leafy vegetables;
  • Machine head frame in stainless steel;
  • Control of the cutting height from the driverÔÇÖs place, through electric button;
  • System of electronic sensors for the auto adjustment of the cutting height;
  • Hydraulic conveyor belt with adjustable speed, food-grade certified.

Main Features

  • Fix track width, from 105 to 210 cm;
  • Hot galvanized treatment to the machine frame;
  • Total weight of the machine: approx. 1.000 kg;
  • 25 HP Diesel engine;
  • Steering through steering wheel;
  • Work speed setting from 0.6 to 6 Km/h through hand lever near the driverÔÇÖs place;
  • Hydrostatic transmission on 4 wheels;
  • Tilting front axle;
  • Filters placed outer for a quick check and replacement of them;
  • Tires: Front: 5.00-15 TM - Rear: 6.50/80-15 TM
  • Closable rear platform, 80 cm of length + unmovable platform, 50 cm of length;
  • Removable lateral driverÔÇÖs platform, to allow the transport of the machine;
  • Upper platform for the crates;
  • Movable support for the crates under the harvesting conveyor belt;
  • Trays to contain the eventual fluid leaks (engine oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, etc.);
  • Stainless steel cutting systems: type A, in stainless steel, with useful height of 21 cm with 2 pulleys; type B, in stainless steel, with useful height of 31 cm with 2 pulleys;
  • Band-blade cutting system
  • Cleaning of the harvesting conveyor belt from the residuals.
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