Improver suction machine Cleaner2

Self-propelled on wheels

Self-propelled trimming machine on wheel, born to re-cut at the optimal height the product, suctioning simultaneously the breeding remains. This operation permits a fast and excellent regrowth of the product for following cuts/ harvests. The machine is suitable for products like spinach, baby-leaf, rocket, etc., cultivated on beds in greenhouses and open fields. The machine is equipped with a suction system without filters, to avoid possible cloggings. The turbine minces the harvested product, thus increasing the stock capacity and the labor autonomy of the machine.

Main Features

  • Available cutting widths: 130–140–150–160–170-180 cm;
  • Adjustable carriageway, from 155 to 220 cm;
  • Stainless steel parts: cutting system, extractor hood, turbine support snail, residuals tank;
  • Total weight: 2.200 kg ca.;
  • Diesel engine 74 HP;
  • Soundproof driver’s cab with included all the controls of the machine, floating seats, heating and air conditioning;
  • Adjustable front driver’s seat, with roll-bar protection;
  • Unique control board which contains all the controls of the machine, positioned on the driver’s side;
  • Large display to check and to adjust the parameters of the machine and of the engine + auto-diagnosis to reveal eventual problems or anomalies;
  • Progressive forward drive through lever command;
  • “Cruise control” - Work speed setting 0.2 to 8 Km/h through single command on control column with electronic management;
  • Closed circuit hydraulic plan for the suctioning fan, with variable displacement motor;
  • 4WD hydraulic transmission with four radial pistons double displacement hydraulic gear-motors;
  • Control of cutting height by means of system of electronic sensors;
  • Automatic control of the longitudinal axis of the cutting system to favor the entrance on the greenhouse, where there’s the presence of positive or negative slants. This allows to trim also the first meters of the seeding bed;
  • One cubic meter residuals tank with hydrostatic uplift to rear unload the product up to 180 cm of height.

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