Harvester 8400electro

Electric self-propelled on wheels

Machine in “HERBEX” version, for the harvest of Corn Salad.

  • Oscillating single cutting blade with hydraulic movement;
  • Ortomec polyurethane collection belt with rubber nails, food-grade certified;
  • Support-feet on cutting blade with hydraulic adjustment;
  • Lubrication of the cutting arch with centralised system;
  • Control of cutting height by means of system of electronic sensors;
  • Balance system”- cutting height variable in work phase, on right or left from control column with single gradual command and return to balance the same;
  • Conveyor belt with adjustable speed;
  • Conveyor belt food-grade certified;
  • Harvesting head frame in stainless steel.

Main Features

  • Variable track from 145 to 210 cm;
  • Powered by 2 electric batteries 24 V – 240 Ah each one, installed on a sliding carriage for removal from their compartment;
  • Batteries filling up by centralized point system;
  • Front traction with 48V electric three-phase asynchronous motor of new generation (without brush);
  • Battery chargers incorporated on the machine, powered 220 V;
  • Electric system situated in a steel box with seal closing;
  • Self-diagnosis system of the electric system with display on control column;
  • Harvesting head width: from 130 to 180 cm;
  • Painted machine frame structure;
  • Ground clearance: 30 cm;
  • Total weight of machine: approx. 1.500 kg;
  • Steering with steering wheel;
  • Graduating speed range with single manual lever on control column;
  • Work speed setting from 0.2 to 6 k.p.h. with single command on control column with electronic management;
  • Control column: in standard position or in advance position;
  • Multifunction joystick;
  • Touch screen display;
  • Temporary stop system with restart of same settings;
  • Front wheels size: 6.50 – 16; Rear wheels size: 5.00 - 15;
  • Lower platform dimensions: 100, 140 or 170 cm;
  • LED light system complete with nr. 3 lights.

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