Cleaner 2

Main features

  • Working widths available: 130-140-150-160-170-180 cm
  • Adjustable track width from 155 to 220 cm;
  • Stainless steel parts: cutting arch, air intake horn, turbine holder snail, residue container;
  • Total weight of the machine: about 2.200 kg
  • Engine 74 Hp
  • Front driver’s seat on adjustable seat with roll-bar protection, with soundproofed and air-conditioned cabin;
  • Single control panel including all machine controls, located next to the driver’s seat;
  • Large display to control and adjust the parameters of the machine and engine + self-diagnosis to reveal any problems or anomalies
  • Proportional advancement with lever control
  • “Cruise control” – Work speed setting from 0.2 to 8 Km/h with a single control on the electronically controlled steering column;
  • Closed circuit suction fan hydraulic system, with variable capacity motor, + electronic management of the number of revolutions with the motor;
  • 4WD hydraulic transmission with four radial piston hydraulic motoreducers with double displacement;
  • Automatic cutting height control through electronic sensors system
  • Automatic control of the longitudinal axis of the cutting system to facilitate the entry into the greenhouse in the presence of positive or negative slopes. This allows to trim even the first meters of the seedbed
  • Residue box with hydrostatic lifting for lower discharge, up to a height of 180 cm.
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