Double-belt cleaning system

An optional that will greatly enhance the quality of leafy greens harvesting, such as rocket, spinach and lettuce. The double-belt cleaning system picks only the intact leaves thus making for high quality harvest, minimizes the presence of foreign bodies and reduces the number of the processes that are performed subsequently in the treatment plant.

Main Features

  • This product will make a great difference for leafy vegetables farmers who work for the ready-to-eat line, the cleanliness of the leaves being the most important element to be competitive in this market.
  • The user can easily set the level of selectivity, that is how much product the machine rejects, and the rotation speed of the belt can be adjusted through a grab handle. The frame is of stainless steel which can┬┤t be corroded by the acids released by the crop.
  • The double-belt system disposes of the problem of seed-leaves in the cultivation of spinach and improves the cleanliness of the harvest by rejecting foreign matter, insects and imperfect leaves.
  • The belt is available in the standard (50 cm long) and extended (1 m long) versions to allow extra manual screening of the product for the user who needs to dispose of weeds and unwanted large-size bodies.
  • The product is available in these following sizes:
  • Breadth: from 120 to 180 cm.
  • Weight: 100 kg approx. (50-cm long model).
  • An electric model is also available that can be installed on Ortomec electric harvesters.

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