Agriculture 4.0

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Innovation in the agricultural sector is a topic of great importance and topicality, not only to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes but also to make progress in terms of environmental sustainability. Agriculture 4.0 has experienced a real boom in recent years and more and more companies are choosing to take the path of innovation and digitization.
When we talk about agriculture 4.0 we refer to the evolution of precision agriculture, which is integrated with digital technologies and tools in order to improve yield, sustainability, productivity but also the quality of the final product and working conditions. By exploiting the web and the most advanced technologies in a synergistic and interconnected way, it is possible to have the information and data necessary to structure a better production, avoiding waste and optimizing time.
The advantages of these technologies and tools are therefore evident both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.
First of all, there is a huge saving of resources and therefore a reduction of waste, which brings advantages both from an environmental and economic point of view because it makes it possible to plan crops, sowing and harvesting. By minimizing the possibility of error thanks to the amount of data and information available, it allows to produce more and in a more sustainable way: some researches speak of a saving on production inputs of 30% and an increase in productivity of 20% .
Then there is the qualitative aspect. The products obtained do not have any residual chemicals and are collected at the most appropriate time depending on the use that will be made of them along the supply chain. Products included in a highly technological supply chain keep their properties better, are healthier and tastier!
Finally, efficiency in production does not only concern the field but also subsequent processes, in particular those related to the exchange of goods and distribution. In short, innovation and technology prove to be a strategic lever for the entire agricultural sector because they are capable of guaranteeing greater competitiveness.

Ortomec, innovative seeders and harvesters

Ortomec is one of the Italian companies that more than others has realized the possibilities offered by agriculture 4.0 and has invested in research and technology to be applied to its sowing and harvesting machines. These are tools that offer not only greater precision but also a speed that is impossible to achieve with traditional machinery. Ortomec machines can therefore be integrated into a 4.0 agriculture strategy that aims to increase the efficiency and quality of products: the customer has access to an online platform where he can analyze the performance of the Ortomec machine at any time. In this way it is possible to evaluate the correct cutting height of the plant, the kilometers traveled and so on, in order to optimize each phase of production.
Always remember that the essential elements for the machine to be recognized and certified Agriculture 4.0 and which therefore give the right to have the known benefits, are:
ÔÇó Your machine must PROVIDE you with the data on the work you are doing: area harvested, harvesting datas, working speed, etc.
ÔÇó You MUST be able to see the machine in its operation and state, and the parent company must be able to give you assistance remotely.

According to the current legislation without these two fundamental elements the machine CANNOT BE CERTIFIED Agriculture 4.0.
Ortomec is able to supply and certify Agriculture 4.0 on all its machine models.
If you want more information on how our planters and harvesters work, contact our team: we are at your disposal to answer any doubts and questions.

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