Ortomec harvesters protagonists at the Winter Open Field event 2021

In these days, from 08 to 19 February, the new edition of the event promoted by Rijk Zwaan is taking place at the Ced La Palma, in Cartagena – Spain.

The event takes place every year and has a worldwide resonance as it allows you to participate in demonstrations of direct sowing and mechanical harvesting of salads. This year, in particular, the center of attention is precisely the mechanization of the salad harvest which allows to increase the margin of producers. Due to the pandemic, entry to the 2021 Winter Open Field event is scheduled and more staggered over the days; despite this, every day between 120 and 150 salad producers of all nationalities participate in field trials.

Ortomec is proud to be able to confirm its presence again this year with the best Made in Italy solutions, through the practical demonstration on the ground of two models of harvesters. Let’s explore them together.

The 8300 Lattuga Harvester

This Ortomec harvester is perfect for adult head salads, in fact it allows a clean cut that does not damage the plant and lends itself to any type of soil, ensuring the integrity of the final product. Through the electronic sensor system it is possible to control the cutting height, and thanks to the Cruise control it is possible to set the working speed from 0.2 to 7 Km / h with a single command through the electronically managed guide column.

The 8400 electro harvester

The green solution of self-propelled Ortomec machine on wheels for leaf products. This is a model completely in stainless steel, equipped with an electrical system with 2 24 V batteries that allows you to work with zero emissions and in total absence of noise. It consists of a blade-band cutting system and the guide column includes a display useful for the operator for reporting faults or anomalies.

Towards a mechanized harvest

The Winter Open Field event 2021 is the ideal opportunity for salad producers to verify the functioning and benefits of the best harvesters. In this sector, technical evolution grows from year to year, so it is important to keep up to date with the latest innovations. Here is a reflection by Nicola Gallo, Ortomec’s sales manager, on the value of this event:

“It is a very interesting event, because an organic response is given to the producer: the evolution of the new varieties is also focused on making them increasingly suitable for mechanized harvesting. For years we have been collaborating with Rijk Zwaan, both for cut salads and for the head types: the seed group has decided to present to the public the technical and mechanical solution for harvesting it to the public, relying on our experience. Ortomec is a global point of reference for the harvesting of vegetables in leaf: our technicians will be available to visitors to illustrate our solutions and satisfy every request. Dynamic tests will be carried out with the machines, so that producers can know and update themselves on the technologies for the most modern collection that the market offers “.

–┬á Nicola Gallo ­čśŐ

If you wish to receive more details, do not hesitate to contact us! Ortomec is always ready to offer the best solution in line with your needs.

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