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Harvesters for Dill

Dill is an annual herbaceous plant used in cooking, mainly as a seasoning for meat and fish. The dill has a green stem, typically striated and hollow inside. The flowers are yellow, gathered in umbrellas. The dill leaves are harvested from June, two months after sowing. After this procedure, they can be left to dry in the shade.

Companies that grow this particular herbaceous plant often find it difficult during the harvesting phase, especially when necessary to transport large quantities of leaves in vast open fields.  Ortomec, therefore, offers its dill harvester with stainless steel power supply. The wheels of this unique machine are located at the base to ensure a practical movement in the ground. Another feature that distinguishes the dill harvester is the possibility to adjust the operating speed thanks to the unique inverters installed on the electric motor.

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  • Harvester for Float-system 1500 series
  • Tracked harvester 7000 series
  • Tracked harvester 7200 series
  • Tracked harvester 7400 electro series
  • Wheeled 4x4 self-propelled harvester 8000 series
  • Wheeled 4x4 self-propelled harvester 8300 series
  • Self-propelled electric harvester on wheels 8400 electro series
  • Tracked harvester 9000 series

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