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Mechanization and automation as regards the equipment for the harvesting of vegetables are two keywords that are increasingly widespread in the fruit and vegetable world. The sector, in fact, is today facing an important and not trivial problem: the lack of manpower. In order for farms to be able to deal with it in the best possible way, the role of technology becomes fundamental, both in the warehouse and in the field.


This is why Ortomec has been focusing on harvesting mechanization for several years, developing equipment for harvesting vegetables that can help producers make the harvesting phase more comfortable, safe and quick.


During the demonstration days organized by Rijk Zwaan at the CED La Palma in Cartagena (Spain), from 10 to 17 February 2022, growers from all over the world had the opportunity to see the 8300 model harvester in action, directly in the field, the harvester Model 8300 Lattuga by Ortomec.


Continue reading the article to find out how the mechanization demonstrations in direct seeding and mechanical harvesting took place!

More mechanization and less manpower with Ortomec solutions

Thanks to the field tests carried out on the occasion of the Winter Open Field Days e-vent 2022, it was confirmed that Ortomec did not wait for the moment when the emergency of manpower broke out to work on the mechanization of the equipment for the collection of vegetables, but started much earlier. The 8300 harvester – the protagonist of the Winter open Field Days – makes it possible to harvest a delicate product such as lettuce, without damaging it, quickly and above all by improving the operating conditions of the workers.


The demonstration in the field carried out by the Ortomec team with the 8300 Lettuce captured the attention of the participants, intrigued to see it in action and eager to know the details on the performance of this Made in Italy solution.


The visitors were really satisfied with the test fields and the great organization, amazed to find a harvesting machine to admire directly in operation. To confirm the power and speed of the Ortomec harvester, not so much the words of the salesmen, but the incredible performance that the leaf vegetable cutting machine is able to guarantee.


The harvester 8300 Lattuga is a versatile machine, in fact, in addition to lettuces, it is also able to harvest radicchio, pak-choy and other similar vegetables. The products are collected in the field and placed directly inside bins and tills managed with customizations required according to the needs of each customer.


Upon request, the Ortomec 8300 harvester can also be track mounted (called Model 9000). In a typical working day, the machine engages from 6 to 10/12 people. The percentages of work increase vary according to the type of processing performed during packing. However, the highest increase is obtained when the harvesting operations take place via bins.

The 8300 will allow you to harvest vegetables in the field very quickly, and then manage the finishing in the warehouse. This operation is specifically reserved for products less delicate.

Safety and comfort of use in the first place: that’s why choosing Ortomec harvesters

One of the priorities is undoubtedly that of guaranteeing the safety of the workers who work with the Ortomec vegetable harvesting equipment, always sheltered from sun, rain and wind. Thanks to mechanization it is in fact possible to facilitate the work of your collaborators, who will no longer necessarily have to move, lift and move weights.

The concentration of your staff will be focused only on carrying out the cleaning of the products fed – this will allow them to work at the same pace. In designing these harvesters for head lettuce we have taken into account all the aspects that could improve the comfort of the operators . For this, the harvesters Ortomec are already operational in various countries and appreciated by numerous customers.

Thanks to the automation proposed by Ortomec, the harvest of leafy vegetables will no longer be a problem for agricultural producers. An extremely positive experience that lived on the occasion of the Winter Open Field Days e-vent 2022, which repays the whole team for the years of planning, study and hard work.

You weren’t present at the field demonstrations of our harvesters but are you interested in knowing how our solutions for vegetable harvesting work? You can contact the Ortomec team immediately to receive more information!

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