How to best harvest Basil with Ortomec solutions

Basil is considered the King of aromatic herbs: it is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Its cultivation is widespread all over the world, in different forms and varieties, and also in Italy its production is very common.
For several years now, harvesting basil and then transforming it or transferring it directly to the fresh market is no longer a job that is done by hand. Ortomec proposes ideal machines for easy and automatic basil harvesting.
In this article, we will learn more about the functioning of Ortomec machines and why they allow you to harvest basil at its best.

How do Basil harvesting machines work?

Choosing from the vast assortment of harvesters dedicated to the basil harvest will allow you to have the machinery that best suits the needs of your business: you can in fact choose from the different models available. For small productions or large extensions, from greenhouses or open fields: at Ortomec you can really find a machine for every different need.
At this point you may be wondering: how do Ortomec machines specialized in harvesting the most famous aromatic herb work? Their working is based on an intuitive and innovative system. The basil plant is in fact cut at the ideal point of collection, giving it the opportunity to regrow perfectly while waiting for the next cut. This operation is repeated several times during the harvesting period in the summer: for this reason, it is very important to opt for a type of blade that allows for optimal harvesting performance.
The front reel system positioned above the cutting blade also plays a decisive role in allowing you to get the best results from harvesting your basil plants.
Ortomec harvesters are equipped with a variable diameter reel system: this is essential, not only to avoid product losses during the harvesting phase, but also to ensure that during this important step the basil plants do not suffer any trauma. They are in fact very fragile: when harvesting it is therefore essential to use a machine that fully respects the delicacy of their leaves.

The importance of efficient cutting systems: why rely on Ortomec harvesters

In order to harvest the basil optimally, Ortomec offers two types of cutting systems depending on the destination reserved for the aromatic herb.
On the one hand, the rotating blade on pulleys allows a clean and surgical cut of the plant. It is no coincidence that this cutting system is particularly suitable when the basil harvested is for the fresh market. This type of blade not only ensures a perfect cut, but also avoids injuries to the leaves of the plant which can cause oxidation.
On the other hand, the double blade is a cutting system used mainly when the destinations of basil leaves are industry and the processing sector. The advantage of using this particular cutting method certainly consists in a higher product collection speed.
Once this step has been completed, when the destination is for industrial processing, the basil plants can be unloaded directly onto crates or bins. Alternatively, when the basil is sent to the daily fresh market, its leaves can be placed inside special containers, specifically designed to facilitate the subsequent processing and packaging phase.
With this in mind, it is important to emphasize that the time taken to harvest the basil varies depending on whether the first or second solution is adopted. Using bins, the harvester can in fact work at a maximum speed of 3-4 km / h, while with the use of crates the speed is reduced to 1-2 km / h, being a more delicate harvest.


The collection system proposed by Ortomec and used for basil plants is also ideal for the collection of other aromatic herbs: from mint to sage, passing through dill and coriander.
The equipment of the machinery to harvest basil, like all the other harvesters made by Ortomec, makes versatility its greatest strength. In this way, the same machine can be used for different crops.
To find out all the details relating to the Ortomec aromatic herb harvesters, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions or curiosities!

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